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Hey, im Sharon and im 16. im new here. i use to be a cutter. but i havent cut in about 3 im trying really hard to stop. but anywho...i dont wanna waste anyone time, but i found this on you like it.

~*~*~Natural Beauty~*~*~
You're beauty is natural. You don't need make up or
high quality clothes to make you look nice. You
are most likely popular. Deep down you might
feel a little lonely because all you really
want is people to like you for YOU, not because
you're gorgeous. Don't worry, some people will
understand and see that you are a beautiful
person inside and out. You may have a lot of
friends, but perhaps only a few close friends.
Be careful who you trust. There are a lot of
decieving people out there who might use you
for your looks or popularity. Also, do not
judge people. Just because you're pretty
doesn't mean you should go and make others
feel inferior to you. ( I don't know if you
actually do that, but just in case you do

href="'re%20Beautiful...but%20why%3F%20(%20PICS)/"> You're Beautiful...but why? ( PICS)</a>
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